Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ER is at 12.20 on Friday

We finally got the call at 5.40 yesterday afternoon for a trigger time - needless to say I had rung the clinic about 4 times thinking we had been forgotten.

And my poor sister had to get up at 1.30 am this morning to trigger - I am not sure what her partner said yet - but one imagines he wasn't to happy about her setting an alarm at that time of the morning.

Still, at least her injections are over now. Pick up is 12.20 on Friday - and luckily her two year old goes to day care and I will just be minding the very sweet - much more independent three year old.

My husband is feeling rather left out of all of this - he is in the US and has been working 15 hour days - and while I have been trying to tell him everything - I didn't tell him - I was coming to Melbourne on Wednesday.

I rang him when I got here and he went into mini-meltdown. You know the - "I don't know what's going on - your talking to your sister more than me' - type of thing.

Anyway - he seems okay now. No doubt there will be another meltdown before transfer.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My sister is a star

All was good with my scan this morning - lining is thickening nicely - and no sign of cysts or rogue follicles.

All is very very good with my sister... she has a nice batch of mostly evenly sized eggs - 17, 17,18, 18, 17 - and 14 13 13 and 12.

The doc us upped her dose for two day - and she will trigger on Wednesday night - and ER is set down for Friday.

I have again asked for a three day transfer - so that will be Monday 3rd of Nov and am hoping I can work in Melbourne on Cup Day - so I can take it easy for at least 24 hours.

Finger's crossed - finger's crossed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday scan

Our first scan to see what's cooking is on Monday - my sister says she is "feeling things" a lot more this cycle. She is on a dose of 275 puregon compared to 175 last cycle.

I am heading down to Melbourne on Tuesday night... guessing she will have pickup Thursday or Friday.

I STILL have no plan for what I am going to tell work if I have transfer on Melb Cup day or even worse the day after - US election. Anyone got any thoughts about what a senior news manager tells her boss as a reason for not coming to work during one big (Melb Cup) - and one huge (US election if Obama wins) news event.

I was working in the US over the 2004 election (for a different organisation) - and my boss said to me yesterday he was surprised I hadn't put in a bid to go out there and cover it.

And you know - the weird thing is - I hadn't even thought of it. Even tho my husband is there covering it too. Just goes to show the focus that goes into this IVF stuff.

I am not sure how I am feeling about this cycle - it has come so quickly off the back of the last almost successful one. I am just going with it - and hoping and praying my extremely sweet and completely generous sis doesn't have any ill effects.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We have lift off

My lovely sister has got the all clear for her injections to start today - and I start the lovely progynova tablets.

We could be looking at trigger next Wednesday or Thursday - pick up Friday or Saturday and transfer Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th (bloody Melb Cup Day).

I am really hoping we scrap in before Cup Day - cause the only excuse I can give work for being 'away' on that day - someone very close has been in a car accident/eaten by a tiger/anything else completely outrageous.

Go sister - go!

Monday, October 13, 2008

start delayed a week

Damn - just when I thought we had the timing down perfectly before our doctor goes away - and the US election/Melbourne Cup.... we have been delayed a week.

My sister went for her scan yesterday - and would you believe she is still not 'quiet' enough - almost a repeat of last time. Some how the pill and syrnal has little effect on her - weird.

Anyway - she is now taking nasty drugs to bring on her period - and hopefully after her scan next Monday we will start injecting etc.

I am just not stressing about bloody work and taking time off over a hugely busy period... it will work out whether I stress or not. And if I just have to call in sick - then by god I will.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Crikey - it is all of a sudden on us again. Sis and I stopped taking the pill today and we both go for scans on Monday - we both start sniffing and then on Tuesday (hopefully) - she starts injections and I start proygnova.

And we are aiming for Monday 27th pick-up - and transfer on Thursday 30th.

All this could ofcourse go pear shape - as we have two women's bodies that have to co-operate at the same time.

GOD - my sister is the greatest.