Sunday, March 23, 2008


God - it has been a long time between posts.

I have just got out of hospital - I have had FIVE LARGE fibroids removed. I was in overnight - and have now got my lovely mother staying with me in Sydney - looking after me.

After last failed IVF - the doctor said if I was to have another go with my eggs (or my sisters) - he really thought I should get them out. I was really angry/upset after I went and saw the specialist - I had asked him why for the past 5 years doctors had been telling me the fiborids were not stopping me from getting pregnant.

And you know what he said: because it is a tricky operation and they would not have wanted to do it!!! BLOODY GREAT.

Anyway - they are out - I am still very weak - and have another week off work.

On the sister donor egg front - my husband had a long chat with my sister about it - and is feeling a bit more confident about it. She/I have an appointment with an IVF doctor in Melboure (where she lives) at the end of April.

I have to wait three months from the operation. I don't know - maybe I should have one more go with my crusty old eggs. Still - with only two eggs from two ivf cycles - it is probably stupid. And each month I leave it - my sister gets older - she is 38 - soooooo no spring chicken herself.