Friday, December 18, 2009

Big fat negative

Negative - as expected. I am numb. No plan B - that is it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

beta now on Friday 18th

The complete lack of symptoms has prompted me to ask Doc if I can bring beta forward to Friday 18th - she has said Yes. (Thanks Tiffany for your comment - I couldn't reply to your blog - but it did make me feel better).

I had accupuncture yesterday and the woman doing it asked me how I was - I said fine. Then she took my pulse and said dear o dear - what is going on with your digestion. She was right - I had spent a lot of the morning in the toilet.

I was putting it down to a hot thai green curry the night before. But it is worth reminding my self - I am not a machine.

My job offer has turned out to be a quarter of a post - rather disappointing.

Roll on Friday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

7dp 3dt

I am praying for symptoms - but so far have barely managed a twinge in the boobs. I am holding them up as the yard stick to whether this has worked or not. The two cycles where I have at least been a little bit pregnant - I had sore boobs on and off. The one I didn't - I wasn't at all.

I am again also wondering if I will pee on a stick before 21st or if I can bring beta forward to this Friday.

I have been feeling slightly sick for the last three or four days but I put that down to the drugs.

Also - I got the job following my interview last week.

Please please let it work this time - it HAS to work.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

4dp 3dt

Not much to report - nothing much on the symptom front. No sore boobs/nipples this time - I did get struck but an almighty wave of tiredness last night but that may still be residual jet lag and all the progesterone I am on.

The job interview the day after transfer was a bit of a disaster and I am worried I got my self wound up into such a state - I made it hard for growing embryos.

Not sure about whether I am going to do pee sticks this time or not. I never have before beta and then have always been in such a mess on beta day waiting for the phone call.

Beta is quite late this time - I will be 14dp/3dt - so I could pee a lot earlier.

I will see how I am feeling on the symptom front.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Beta on December 21st.

Two embryos survived the thaw (one didn't) - and were put back in yesterday (monday).
Doc didn't rave about them like last time. She said they had done well - the 8 cell had turned into a morula and the six cell had turned into 8 cells. But she kept going on about the changes in the IVF laws here next year and I kept saying I am confident I won't have to bother with it. Ha - if only I was sooooo confident.

I have been home trying to take it easy - but had a job interview tonight with work in London - so have spent the day stressing/swotting up - it went okay. I don't know why I did swot - cause nothing I learnt did me any good. I have also got a nasty cold - just a head cold - but never the less - it is annoying cause I have been so healthy.

I am sure it is my sister's kids - but as she is my lovely donor - I can hardly complain.

Beta on December 21st.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

On track

All is on track for transfer at 12.10 tomorrow (Monday). I am doing accupuncture before and after for the first time. And also using clexane for the first time.

I hope I end up with two to transfer.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Transfer on Monday 7th

My passport arrived on Saturday and I lept on a plane on Sunday night... arrived Tuesday (Australian time) morning at 8am - and at 11am was at my docs office having a wanding.

All looks good for a Monday transfer - tho she wants me to have a blood test on Friday to make sure progersterone is low enough.

We talked a lot about Lovenox and Clexane - and I am taking Clexane this cycle (a blood thinner).

She told me with most people she thought the success or not of the transfer was down to 95% embryo - %5 environment. But with me she thought it was 10 to 15% environment.
This is because of my evil fibroids.