Friday, October 24, 2008

Monday scan

Our first scan to see what's cooking is on Monday - my sister says she is "feeling things" a lot more this cycle. She is on a dose of 275 puregon compared to 175 last cycle.

I am heading down to Melbourne on Tuesday night... guessing she will have pickup Thursday or Friday.

I STILL have no plan for what I am going to tell work if I have transfer on Melb Cup day or even worse the day after - US election. Anyone got any thoughts about what a senior news manager tells her boss as a reason for not coming to work during one big (Melb Cup) - and one huge (US election if Obama wins) news event.

I was working in the US over the 2004 election (for a different organisation) - and my boss said to me yesterday he was surprised I hadn't put in a bid to go out there and cover it.

And you know - the weird thing is - I hadn't even thought of it. Even tho my husband is there covering it too. Just goes to show the focus that goes into this IVF stuff.

I am not sure how I am feeling about this cycle - it has come so quickly off the back of the last almost successful one. I am just going with it - and hoping and praying my extremely sweet and completely generous sis doesn't have any ill effects.


Blogger Portia P said...

Hoping for good things on Monday.

No idea what to suggest re work. Only thing I can suggest is to wait and see. No point stressing until you've got something to stress about. Might not happen.

If it does then perhaps you'll have to be sick...? Sorry - not much help I know.

Thinking of you x

3:47 AM  

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