Saturday, July 09, 2011

The WAIT....

Finally - I had my transfer yesterday (Saturday) after an agonising hour and half waiting to hear if the embryo survived. It had but had lost about 20percent of its cells (it was a blastocyst). The embryologist was positive about it - saying blastocysts often do... etc etc.

Transfer was incredibly easy - especially after some of the dreadful ones I have had.

I am now on a serious quantity of drugs - and for the first time in 7 cycles - or is it 8 - I am pleased to say - I have lost track, I am doing progesterone in oil - Gestone - and man o man is it a big needle.

I did the first one - last night - on my own - and had real problems pushing the plunger - not sure what I was doing wrong. Might have a few more goes before doing tonights.

Bit disappointed didn't get to do the IVIG - the clinic is so famous... and infamous for.... but hey they are the expects.

Very impressed with the whole operation at posh London clinic...

On a proper 24 hour bed rest - and it is back to Germany/Hubby on Monday.

Beta is 19th of July.


Blogger Roccie said...

Welcome home Embryo. We missed you.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Kristen {} said...

Glad transfer went well. Good luck with the wait...will be thinking of you!

6:16 PM  
Blogger Chickenpig said...

Fingers crossed!!!!

7:40 AM  

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