Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Negative beta...

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Everything about this FET has been easy and relaxed.

BEST clinic... BEST transfer... Most relaxed... No husband freak out.

26 year old egg...

But there we are... my beta was negative.

Is that it now? Most likely.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

The WAIT....

Finally - I had my transfer yesterday (Saturday) after an agonising hour and half waiting to hear if the embryo survived. It had but had lost about 20percent of its cells (it was a blastocyst). The embryologist was positive about it - saying blastocysts often do... etc etc.

Transfer was incredibly easy - especially after some of the dreadful ones I have had.

I am now on a serious quantity of drugs - and for the first time in 7 cycles - or is it 8 - I am pleased to say - I have lost track, I am doing progesterone in oil - Gestone - and man o man is it a big needle.

I did the first one - last night - on my own - and had real problems pushing the plunger - not sure what I was doing wrong. Might have a few more goes before doing tonights.

Bit disappointed didn't get to do the IVIG - the clinic is so famous... and infamous for.... but hey they are the expects.

Very impressed with the whole operation at posh London clinic...

On a proper 24 hour bed rest - and it is back to Germany/Hubby on Monday.

Beta is 19th of July.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Final and finally FET

It has almost been a year... since I have posted. And what a dreadful year... My mum died suddenly days after my last post. And life will never be the same.

I am poised to do my final FET at very posh London clinic... the one I should have gone to in the very first place.

And good news today - my progesterone levels have risen nicely and transfer may be TOMORROW.

Slightly shocked - as am doing a 'natural' cycle - and my cycles are pretty much all over the shop these days - so I was expecting for it to be cancelled.

Having said that - I have to have another blood test tomorrow morning before they make the final decision - and my one and only frozen embryo has to survive the thaw.

But I am feeling relaxed and confident.

I am going into this relying on the experts and for the first time I haven't tried to micro manage and take charge. I am expecting to do the full monty - IVIG - and all the other bits ARGC throw at you.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.