Monday, August 09, 2010

What drama!

Embryo transfer went ahead yesterday - day 5 - but was not without drama - and I wish I could feel more positive.

The day 3 v day 5 issue with the clinic was easily ish resolved - and on Friday - day 2 - all ten embryos were looking good. Clinic rang again on Saturday morning - to say 6 embryos were excellent 8 cells - and the others were just a little behind.

Yesterday morning (day 5)- when I was in the shower - they left a message on my voice phone to say - embryos doing 'well' - and all was on course for 2pm transfer.

Hubby and I had talked about number to put back - and my donor being so young - and our desire not to have twins had us fixed on putting back one.

Having been through this so many times - my hubby walked me to the clinic - said goodbye out the front- and again mentioned only one.

Yes - you can guess what is going to happen.

Up in the seat - awaiting transfer - embryologist and doctor join me. 9 of the Ten are still alive - but 4 are quite so slow - and of the five at blastocyst stage only 2 are where they should be.. but even then are still a little behind - as in they had not fully expanded. Embryologist is suggesting I put back two. The doctor - who through out the whole process has been in favor of only putting one - is also suggesting two.

I briefly consider just saying yes - but with hubby's 'only one' voice in my ear - I ask if I can ring him.

So now - in my gown with bottom exposed - I am out in the corridor on my mobile - trying to convince my husband I am not trying to pull a 'swifty' (once a suspicious journalist, always a suspicious journalist - and end up with twins on purpose. 'But we had a deal - only one' - he keeps saying.

The mobile reception keeps dropping out - and I have to keep ringing him back - eventually I put him on to the embryologist - who only seems to wind him up further.

I give in - and have 'only one put back' - and am now searching for hope.

On the plus sides - the transfer was very easy - and for the first time - I got to stay laying down on the bed for 30 mins.

It is the only blastocyst - I have ever had put back inside me... even if it isn't expanded like it should be.

And I have got a week off work to chill out.

Needless to say - in the calm light of evening at home - and my less stressed explanation - my husband now keeps saying 'we should have put back two'.

I am trying not to be disappointed... and think positive thoughts.

PS - ladies who left lovely comments on my last post - I have tried to reply - but your blogs won't let me. Not sure what I am doing wrong. So forgive my rudeness.


Blogger Dandle Dreams said...

Argh, I would also be driving myself crazy with the "what if" scenarios.

I have read that female embryos are a little slower than male embryos. Thus, there is a 1.1:1.0 male:female sex ratio from a 5-day blastocyst transfer, because the embryologists tend to unconsciously pick the quicker male embryos rather than the slower female embryos. So perhaps it was just because you had more female embryos that they looked a little slower?

Also, perhaps this might help your worries:

And remember, your donor is only 26 years old. She should have some good eggs (knock on wood).

Now you've got a week off, can I suggest some trashy TV marathons on the couch? Perhaps with some ice-cream?

1:27 AM  
Blogger Bee Cee said...

Your line about it being the only blastocyst that you've had on board rang a lot of reminder bells for me. My transfer was the same. And the baby monitor I'm listening to reminds us what happened with that!!

Wishing you loads of luck. Try nit to go too crazy waiting.

1:35 PM  

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