Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Crikey - it has been more than a month since I have posted - in fact make that six weeks.

And still no baby!! Husband and I went to fertility doctor a few weeks ago - very impressive - he spent more than an hour going over both our tests/history. And at the end - he said basically even tho my fhs is rising - I am ovulating - and could/should get pregnant - but that husbands sperm motility was poor.

The doc told him to give up the booze for two months and come back for another sperm test - you should have seen the look on my dear spouses face - fat chance is what it said.

He has cut down - but give up - pigs will fly. Anyway - the doc also wants me to have an HSG to see if my fibroids are causing problems - I had one of these about 18 months ago - there was no drama. Sooooo I suppose we do all this - and find ourselves back at the hospital in May - needing to do IVF.

Or miracle upon miracles - somehow we crack it - in the next few months.