Wednesday, July 30, 2008

8 follicles and an increase in FSH

My sister went in for her first scan today - day 6 - she has 8 follicles. Cause she is sooooo new to this and hasn't lived and breathed IVF - she didn't ask about sizes - drat it - she said she was in and out within minutes. I had instructed the poor thing to get number and size - but in the heat of the moment she forgot!!

The doctor has upped her dose of fsh from 175 to 275. I was of the belief doc was being overly cautious with the 175 - she kept saying she didn't want to make my sister sick - and I couldn't argue with that. But the woman (my sister) has just turned 39.

She doesn't go back now til Monday - which seems a bloody long gap considering the drugs have been boosted.

Anyway - I am trying not to stress and worry - no good will come of it. My sister is going to have some accupuncture - and hopefully the increase in drugs will have them all growing well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We have finally started!

My sweet little sister got the all clear yesterday to begin - and I was in Melbourne cause it is my mum's birthday today - so I went round to her house and helped give her first stim injection. I was a bit worried cause I had a nice role of fat when I was stimulating but my sister, despite having four small children, has no fat what so ever!!!

But it was fine - and she took it like a trooper!

I am a bit concerned (always have to have something to be worried about) that she is still taking the same dose of syranel (sniffing) as she was in the down regualtion part of the cycle. Is this right? Does anyone know? When I did my cycles I was injecting Lucrin - and I am sure the dose got halved during the stim injections. It just seems weird to be pumping FSH into the body - and then flattening it out with a large amount of a syranel at the same time.

I want her to ring the doctor to double check the nurse has done the right thing - but perhaps I am just being a control freak.

I have started the Progynova - to thicken my lining. Evil stepmonster told me she hated it - but then she hasn't come back to tell me why.

I must say - I feel excitied about this cycle and scared. But in a weird way - I am also divulging responsibility - two female bodies involved in this conception feels better than one!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Start delayed one week

Well - after taking the pill for two months - and sniffing for two weeks - somehow my poor sister had a follicle yesterday!! Soooo she has been given some drugs to bring her period on straight away - and she goes back for a scan and we hopefully start next Friday.

This is a bit of a nightmare for me for work - going to have to change my holidays booked for the week of the 28th july to week of 4th of August. And hopefully my boss won't notice that this includes the opening day of the olympics!!

My husband arrives in Sydney on August 3rd - so he will be here for it all - a good and a bad thing. Bad that he will no doubt still manage to go into meltdown about the whole thing - good that when he gets over that it will be nice to have him here.

Anyway - another week of waiting!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

No more pill

I have taken my last pill this morning - and Kirsty, my sister took her last one, last Thursday.

As of yesterday - she is yet to get her period and says she feels no sign of it. She is obviously still sniffing twice a day - and has been on the pill now for almost two months.

I wonder if she skips a sniff - it will encourage her period to come?

Anyone know?

We have got our down reg scans on Thursday - I suppose it won't be the end of the world if it is delayed a day or two - but much past that - and it will all start to get very messy with my work - and the bloody olympic games!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


The sniffing has begun! Something new to me - as in my previous IVF cycles I did injections. It is pretty damn easy - I hope my sister is finding it so. She went up to the snow with her family on Friday - so I haven't spoken to her to find out how it is going for her.

Sorry to be so boring - but this all still seems very unreal.

I have given up the booze but have yet to give up coffee - I will - I am just dragging it out - cause it is often the only thing that gets me to work at 6am.

Another stunning Sydney winter day - had lunch with friends at Bondi - and the sun was out - people wandering around in t-shirts - if this was a London summer we would be beside ourselves with joy.

I just need my little husband here to enjoy it with - he arrives August 4th - four weeks today - and possibly the day after transfer!!