Sunday, December 13, 2009

7dp 3dt

I am praying for symptoms - but so far have barely managed a twinge in the boobs. I am holding them up as the yard stick to whether this has worked or not. The two cycles where I have at least been a little bit pregnant - I had sore boobs on and off. The one I didn't - I wasn't at all.

I am again also wondering if I will pee on a stick before 21st or if I can bring beta forward to this Friday.

I have been feeling slightly sick for the last three or four days but I put that down to the drugs.

Also - I got the job following my interview last week.

Please please let it work this time - it HAS to work.


Blogger tiffany said...

I am cheering you on and sending tons of sticky vibes your way. I have followed your story for awhile and it is so similiar to mine. I to did three IVF's with my sister's eggs. I also never had any symptoms and was so sure it did not work but I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Hoping you recieve a Christmas miracle.

5:57 PM  

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