Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Beta on December 21st.

Two embryos survived the thaw (one didn't) - and were put back in yesterday (monday).
Doc didn't rave about them like last time. She said they had done well - the 8 cell had turned into a morula and the six cell had turned into 8 cells. But she kept going on about the changes in the IVF laws here next year and I kept saying I am confident I won't have to bother with it. Ha - if only I was sooooo confident.

I have been home trying to take it easy - but had a job interview tonight with work in London - so have spent the day stressing/swotting up - it went okay. I don't know why I did swot - cause nothing I learnt did me any good. I have also got a nasty cold - just a head cold - but never the less - it is annoying cause I have been so healthy.

I am sure it is my sister's kids - but as she is my lovely donor - I can hardly complain.

Beta on December 21st.


Blogger Pundelina said...

Andi, I'm praying that your little embabies stick around. Fingers crossed for the 21st.


1:51 AM  

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