Monday, November 05, 2007

Too scared to poas

It's Monday night in Australia - 12dp2dt (last post I was a day ahead of myself as was acutally only 8dp) - and no sign of my period - and also no sign of any real symptoms.

I am too scared to poas. How long can I leave it - I suppose I will have to tomorrow if still no sign of period.

I am enjoying holding on to the hope - and the pee sticks could well smash that to smithers- sad I know.

My clinic wants me to pee on thursday on a special stick they gave me - I am sure I am not going to wait that long.


Blogger Kim said...

Wait until Thursday. Really. Don't make the mistake I made and do it too early. This way, you get to enjoy the possibility of being pregnant for longer, no matter what the outcome on Thursday.

I have high hopes for you, though, and I don't want you to be disappointed by a false negative. So wait until Thursday, when I know you're going to get that positive!

5:47 AM  

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