Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stim on

First Gonal F jab is out of the way - only bit I messed up a bit was not leaving the needle in for a few seconds after I had pushed the button for the last time - I pulled the needle out and there was a little drop on the top - I then remembered the nurse saying leave it in for a bit. Oooo well - tomorrow I will do better.

Yesterday went okay - things got better after they eventually found my ovaries. At first one Nurse found what she thought might have been them (i have fibroids and an active bowel (?) which made it hard... so she said) - and while I got dressed she went back to my notes and found the last nurse two weeks ago - couldn't find them - so she came back and said she needed to do it again - and went and got another nurse. This time they definately saw right ovary and they think they saw left ovary.

They counted six or so antral follicles on right- and a few on left -tho they couldn't say for sure - cause they were not 100 percent sure it was the left ovary. I feel more optimistic we may actually get a few eggs to transfer after they saw the antral follicles - everything I have read seems to show they are the number one indicator - at least eggs are there.

I am off to accupuncture this morning. Fraid - I have been slack with it for the past few months (5 months actually) - and wonder what she is going to think of me rocking in during the stims and expecting it to help do the trick.


Blogger Kim said...

Congrats on starting stims. :) I had a similar problem with Lupron, but it was the medication oozing out of my skin, not out of the needle tip. Like you, I was told to leave the stim needle in for a few seconds - Follistim for me - after finishing injecting the medication. That seems to make a big difference.

Good luck!

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