Saturday, May 02, 2009

Third time lucky!!!

This third attempt with my sister's eggs has come upon us in such a whirl - that I haven't even posted about it. Very slack.

My sis wanted to do a 'natural cycle' where she was drug free - cause she found the 'come down' so hard.

Doc managed to convince her low dose antagonisim was the go. So after only 8 days of a tiny amount of fsh - she triggered on Thursday - and had egg pick up Saturday.

We got 7 eggs - and I will hopefully have two put back in on Tuesday.

As I said in the title - let's hope it is third time lucky.


Blogger Portia P said...

Just checked in today after weeks without really blogging.

Fingers crossed for you my dear xxxx

11:25 AM  
Blogger Evil Stepmonster said...

Fabulous news Andi!

I hope transfer goes well today. All my thoughts are wishes are with you!!

4:28 PM  

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