Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Long

God - I am a bad blogger - it has been more than two months!!

I went back to the UK for Christmas and had a lovely holiday with my spouse... sad to say no real decisions reached on where we are going to live (Australia or London) or about the next step in having a family.

We discussed donor eggs and he kinda freaked out (he freaks out at anything new) - and we also discussed another cycle with my sister.

My sister is not leaning towards doing it all again tho - she found the whole thing so mentally draining and physically uncomfortable. I can only respect her call - and love her for doing it twice.

I have been entertaining the past few days doing it one final time with my crusty old eggs. It would be daft and have extremely little chance of working - but it would be the last chance.

It would not cost a fortune but the emotional cost would be a lot greater.

I know we need to move to a young donor if we are to have a family - it is just the pain of getting there. My husband's freak outs do my head in - and the whole process requires my utmost determination.


Blogger Evil Stepmonster said...

Great to hear from you again my sweet!

I'm sorry your sister is not keen to donate again for you, but I guess it's understandable. It's certainly not the most pleasant experience.

The laws for engaging a unknown donor in Victoria are totally draconian, and I don't suppose they're much better in NSW. But it is possible.

If you do try with your eggs, I would suggest PGD. Our personal opinion is that it made all the difference for us. My eggs were old and hard (and mostly abnormal) so making an incision in the embyro shell made it easier for it to hatch and therefore implant (in my esteemed medical opinion). Also, at "our age" half our embyros are abnormal, so PGD ensures that only ones with half a chance are transferred.

Whatever you decide to do, i guess its important to have your husband on board. Maybe he just needs a little time?

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