Monday, August 18, 2008

Beta Friday August 22nd

I spoke to my doctor yesterday (actually on email - it is a great way to get a quick reponse from her - lucky I have found this out at the end of the cycle rather than at the start - or I would have driven her mad)- and she has given me the thumbs up to have an early beta cause of my NZ trip.

She has said the numbers may be low - and I may have to repeat - but hey - take it from me - any bloody numbers will be met with joy.

I could potentially pee on a stick today - and see if there is anything going on - but I am just too scared.

I had a little bit of cramping last night - and feel very full in that pre period type of way - but that is about it. I thought I might have had a strange taste in my mouth yesterday - but wonder if I was making it up.

Could I face not peeing - and just going for blood test on Friday - and then getting a negative result with no husband here to comfort me - well I have done it before - but then again - I had started spotting.

Anyway - I am jumping ahead of myself. I keep thinking I should just be enjoying these days - where hope is still alive - in case it gets the bullet on Friday.


Blogger Cathleen said...

Thinking good thoughts for you. If you cave and pee on a stick, make sure you update us. :)

7:10 AM  

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