Friday, June 27, 2008

We have DATES!!

It is all on track - we have had the counselling, all the blood tests and I have had a hystercopy (after my fibroid op - RE wanted to make sure all is hunky dory in there - and it is!!)

My sister and I both taking the pill - and start sniffing this Friday July 4th - we stop taking the pill on July 13th - go for our scans on the 17th of July (my sister's birthday - would you believe) - then she starts 175 gonal f - and I start taking prognova (to increase linging) - we both have scan on the 22nd of July - and then possible OPU on July 28th.

It is weird doing this donor cycle with my sister - it feels a little like I am having a baby with her - rather than my husband - though he would be horrified to hear me say that.

He was not really into my two previous IVF cycles - and it feels great to have someone 'in it' with me.

I am trying not to want to 'micro manage' this cycle - I want to tell my sister to stop taking the pill the day before they want us to - I want to tell her to cut back her sniffing on the first few days of injection - and to increase the dose to 200 on those first crucial days. BUT I AM NOT GOING TO.

I am going to let go of control and let her do just what the doctor wants - and try and let whatever happens happen. My big plan anyway.


Blogger Portia P said...

Good luck my dear.

I hope this cycle works out for you.


7:59 AM  
Blogger Melbagirl said...

I will be considering donor eggs from my sister's daughter if my next two IVF cycles don't work out.

I'll be reading your posts with avid interest to see how all this works for the two of you.

4:47 PM  

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