Friday, May 30, 2008

GIANT step - donor eggs

What a week - I have flown down to Melbourne twice (only 1 hour 30 mins for those who live abroad- but still) in three days for donor counselling/doctors/nurses and ACCOUNTS- and have managed to lose my mobile phone - and put in a very mediocre performance at work all at the same time.

Yes - I don't know if I am coming and going.

The counselling was a very 'interesting' process - made all the more so - by the fact that my husband is in the US and was on the phone. The counsellor went on quite a lot about how I would be 'grieving my fertility' - quite a good way of putting it really. And I think she managed to allay my husbands fears - that the child may love my sister more than me!!!

My sister and her (reluctant) partner also had two counselling sessions. They have four very young children (7,5,3 and 1) - and ofcourse it will have an impact on their lives.

My very sweet sister is an angel - as the nurse was going through her medications yesterday - I felt worried I may be putting her health in danger. Her FSH is 6 - can you believe - in stark contrast to my 18 or whatever it was. She will be doing a very long down reg cycle - with only 175 of fsh drugs. She hates drinking water - and despite the fact that I have gone on and on at her about having to drink lots during the injecting stage - I think she thinks she can get away without!

Most of the forms have been signed - and the frozen sperm is being sent down from Sydney to Melbourne on Monday. I have paid the admistration fee (1900 dollars) - which they cheerfully told me was a 'once only' fee - I didn't say - I will be doing this 'once only'.

My husband still has to get some new blood tests and the doctor wants to have a 'quick chat' with him on the phone.

I should get my period next week - and will start taking the pill (for the first time in 5 years!!)

We are working towards a pick up around 25th of July! And the good thing about it being slightly later than first thought - is that my husband will be in Australia in August when I find out if it worked (or not).


Blogger Portia P said...

All sounds very exciting and your sister is most definitely an angel.

I hope things run smoothly.

Thanks for your message


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