Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 1 - First jab - I did it!

We are on our way! I started to write - I am on my way - and then thought - hang on - having a go at having a baby takes two people!!! It is just that the IVF way - feels like it is ONE person and lots of very rich doctors making whoopy.

Just got home from work - and my husband is out - so I thought - what the heck - I am not going to wait until he comes homes - and gave my self my first injection of Burselin - all on my own. I feel rather proud of myself! It didn't hurt (tiny needles) but is itching a bit now.

So this is day 18 of my normal cycle (I have a short natural cycle 25 days which is why I sarted today rather than day 21)- and the start of 16 days of down regs. I was somewhat surprised the down regs took sooooo long - especially with someone soooo 'old' and with high fsh - but after hunting around on the net - it seems this is normal if you haven't taken birth control pills in the run up.

With tongue firmly in cheek - I asked the doctor yesterday - who was going through my protocol with me - what happens if I am pregnant at the moment (yeah - right - and they also want me as the new presenter of the TEN O'clock NEWS too!) - and she said with all seriousness 'we often find when people come back for their scan at the end of the down regs that they are pregnant'. Where do I sign to become one of THOSE people.

Let the games begin!!


Blogger Another one trying said...

Well done, you have now done your 1st injection and now joined the IVF rollercoaster. BTW your not old your still young...

12:43 PM  

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